The Challenge

The client required assistance with the automated test case creation of newly created APIs. Due to the scope and complexity of the APIs under test, it required resources familiar enough with industry development tools, branching techniques, multiple database platforms, schema analysis, and API automated test technologies.

Our Solution

Project Requirements

  • Analysis and assessment of the client’s existing automated test framework, environment, and processes.
  • Collaboration with internal project members to accelerate the testing process.
  • Development of automation test case data for positive and negative scenarios for each API.
  • Automated test case development of the assigned APIs.
  • Identification, reporting, and retesting of issues identified with the APIs under test.


Engagement Services

  • Completed automated test case development of assigned of APIs.
  • Identified, reported, and tracked defects to resolution leveraging client’s defect tracking system, process, and effective communication loops with development.


Engagement Solutions

  • Implemented a new JSON schema assertor tool that integrates into the client’s existing testing tool.
  • Implemented a new JSON value assertor tool that integrates into the client’s existing testing tool.
  • Created materials and training for the client’s test team on using the client’s testing team to use the new JSON assertion tools.

Our Results

Our consultants quickly learned how to navigate within our client’s tools, environments, and processes to provide effective results. The execution of this project required our consultants to collaborate along with project managers and developers to update timelines and schedules. We not only provided our client with the additional staffing required to meet their deadlines, but we identified approaches throughout their process that would improve the speed of creating API and front-end UI automated tests, the accuracy of the results, and an improved structure of reporting on API test results. The tools we implemented reduced the API test time by 80%. Our consultants created, tested, documented, and trained their teams on tools created by our QualityWorks consultants specifically to help our client’s efficiency.