Our Core Services

Our Performance Testing Engineers will help you to avoid system failures by identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks. We’ll help you ensure your applications can reliably and securely scale to handle peak loads and give your users a quick, seamless experience.

QualityWorks User Experience Testing Service

Load Testing

Using automation of API calls or through the front-end, we will simulate load conditions to help you create capacity benchmarks and understand how your system functions under peak number of concurrent users.

QualityWorks Quality Data Testing Service

Stress Testing

Mitigate system overloads and failures during mission-critical events by learning your system’s breaking points through stress testing.

QualityWorks Cybersecurity Testing

Performance Test Environment and Strategy

Our team will create a three-phase continuous performance testing strategy designed to establish the ideal performance test environment to monitor the health and stability of your key APIs.

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Our Performance Testing Approach


Assess your app's current performance and develop baseline metrics.


Design performance testing strategy, develop test suite and configure environments.

Execute & Evaluate

Execute Performance Testing and Evaluate Results.


Create roadmap and implement measures for optimizing system performance.

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Our Experience

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We’ve helped our clients boost app speed, stability, and scalability.

Our solutions over the last 10 years have enabled clients to deliver quality mobile and web applications that perform at the highest standard and provide the best experience for their users.

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Our Testing Toolkit


Performance Testing for Major Movie Release

Our performance testing solutions enabled Fandango to optimize their system by a factor of 7x on the basis of performance and scalability.

  • Replicate that same load at a reduced cost based on strategic load tests.
  • Prepare proof of concept performance scripts.
  • Understand how the system would perform and react under different kinds of pressure.
  • Identify six major performance bottlenecks affecting critical applications and database servers.

What Our Clients Say

Dunmor Logo

The biggest difference between QualityWorks and other quality service providers is that QualityWorks serves as a group of experts, and they leverage their whole community to really establish refined and robust quality processes within your organization.

Sr. Product Manager, Dunmor

Aman Logo Grey

The QualityWorks team took our Android educational app idea and made it a reality. They effectively managed ideation, tech team sourcing, requirements, and timelines throughout the project. They helped us innovate, simplify, and execute so we could meet our deliverables and budget.

Dr. Bettye Walker
CEO, A-MAN, Inc.

Fandango Grey Logo

QualityWorks was able to quickly provide us with skilled resources aligned with our immediate needs and budget. Their consultants played a critical role in meeting our project milestones and provided quality service and communication throughout the project release and beyond.

Brendan Flannery
QA Director, Fandango.com

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