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Grow and thrive in the quickly changing digital era

Ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and security of patient information.

Healthcare organizations need to offer professional experiences for both their professionals and patients. The many responsibilities within the healthcare industry create quality assurance and HIPAA compliance challenges. The pace of technological change makes data safety and the care of patient information a moving target with new challenges appearing constantly. The individuals interacting with healthcare systems live digital lives and expect the same level of ease from their healthcare systems that they can find from their favorite retailers. By creating and maintaining systems appropriately, healthcare organizations can continue to provide excellence in patient care and successful business operations.

QualityWorks supports the efforts of healthcare organizations to maintain compliant and functional systems with a focus on speed and quality. We provide diverse teams with significant HIPAA compliance training along with monthly cybersecurity training as part of our HIPAA compliance policies. Healthcare facilities, electronic health record implementations, clinical trials, and policy changes require customized and innovative solutions to ensure smooth operations and compliance. QualityWorks’ testing, automation, and digital transformation expert staff support improved outcomes, better functions, and insights that will support your medical staff and patients into the future

Deliver Quality for Your Staff and Patients

Healthcare organizations require nuanced, customized, and compliant digital experiences to provide the level of care and service expected in this fast-paced world. Choose QualityWorks to support your work and staff with flexible, innovative, and diverse solutions.

Do More Testing in Less Time

Strategic implementation of automation increases testing coverage and can lower testing costs in the long run in a world where testing can support better care, regulation compliance, and smooth operation.

Quality and Compliant Expertise

HIPAA violations are costly. By investing in upkeeping your processes and technology solutions now, you can save money and provide superior services to your patients and your staff.

Realistic Solutions in Practice

Our testing and agile transformation services move your organization towards better solutions that work in real healthcare environments.

What Our Clients Say

Dunmor Logo

The biggest difference between QualityWorks and other quality service providers is that QualityWorks serves as a group of experts, and they leverage their whole community to really establish refined and robust quality processes within your organization.

Sr. Product Manager, Dunmor

Aman Logo Grey

The QualityWorks team took our Android educational app idea and made it a reality. They effectively managed ideation, tech team sourcing, requirements, and timelines throughout the project. They helped us innovate, simplify, and execute so we could meet our deliverables and budget.

Dr. Bettye Walker
CEO, A-MAN, Inc.

Fandango Grey Logo

QualityWorks was able to quickly provide us with skilled resources aligned with our immediate needs and budget. Their consultants played a critical role in meeting our project milestones and provided quality service and communication throughout the project release and beyond.

Brendan Flannery
QA Director, Fandango.com

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