Scrum Masters: 6 Questions to Get Your Agile Team in Sync

Scrum Masters play a critical role in ensuring goal alignment, identifying risks, removing bottlenecks, and keeping sprint backlogs on track. Ask these often overlooked questions to set your agile team up for success. By Sheyinka Harry As the servant leader for an agile team, the Scrum Master does much more than facilitate meetings and remove…
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Powerful Agile Questions Every Product Owner Should be Asking

By Sheyinka Harry As the liaison between the business/customer and the team, the Product Owner is innately responsible for creating the Product Vision and Mission, as well as the resulting Product Backlog. When creating these artifacts, Product Owners spend a great portion of their time in meetings with: The stakeholders to capture their needs; The…
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Stakeholders: Three Powerful Agile Questions You Should be Asking

By Sheyinka Harry As stakeholders, we are sometimes so focused on pushing our teams to get the product out that we lose sight of the full scope of the role we play in the product delivery process. Being a stakeholder on a project isn’t just about making new product backlog requests or attending the demos…
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