The Client

Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) is a top 10 largest Medicaid health plan and the largest not-for-profit Medicare-Medicaid plan in the country. IEHP has been recognized locally and nationally for its innovation, excellence, and access to care for the low-income working residents of the Inland Empire.


The Challenge

Our team was engaged to assess IEHP’s current software delivery process and provide the insight needed to enable a cultural transformation focused on collaboration, communication, and integration between QA, Development, Operations, Security. The goals of the DevOps transformation were:

  • Improving deployment frequency
  • Achieving faster time to market
  • Lowering the failure rate of new releases
  • Shortening lead time between fixes
  • Improving the meantime to recovery
  • Improving customer experience

Our Solution

Over a 2 week period, our team of DevOps and Agile transformation consultants carried out an on-site DevOps Maturity assessment focused on three key areas:

  •  Organizational Culture
  • Team Performance
  • Tools & Technology

The goals of the assessment were to measure the  IT Team against DevOps best practices, identify gaps and inefficiencies and provide recommendations in a strategic roadmap for business optimization.


Organizational Culture & Team Performance
This phase of the assesses allowed the team to understand the current organizational culture, identify opportunities for growth, and establish a roadmap for cultural transformation and continuous improvement. We also assessed the IT Departments’ productivity and identified opportunities where utilization of DevOps practices could improve team execution.

Through a series of personal and group interviews, all product teams were assessed on criteria such as process planning, test methodology, test case management, defect management, environment visibility, release management, and team culture.


Tools and Technologies

Through a comprehensive review process, our team was able to evaluate the current tools/software used by IEHP teams and identify inefficiencies, redundancies, or potential obsolete tools. We provided recommendations for the efficient use of current tools and introduced new tooling to improve collaboration and productivity.



Our Results

After conducting a comprehensive DevOps Maturity assessment, our team delivered a detailed report of findings to the IEHP team. Based on these findings, a detailed roadmap and architecture plan was created that explored the value stream for DevOps Transformation and the measurable outcomes.

The three-phase architecture plan provided a step-by-step strategy for the transformation. This included:

  1. Recommending training & strategy for a cultural shift
  2. Defining a CI/CD process that includes pipelines of continuous integration, automated tests, automated​ ​deployment,​ ​and​ ​feedback​ ​loops
  3. Organizational Transformation and Standardization Plan which focused on instilling a common process and toolset for identifying, prioritizing, executing, and delivering value across the organization.

Our engagement provided IEHP with strategic intelligence and a detailed roadmap to supercharge their DevOps transformation.

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