Kingston, Jamaica, April 11, 2018 


QualityWorks, international software consulting firm, partnered with PeopleCoach, Agile training company, to host the first-ever Agile Transformation Workshop in Kingston, Jamaica in March 2018. The unique workshop, led by leading expert in cognitive Agile solutions, D Ray Freeman, focused on using a people-centred approach to optimize team performance in an Agile environment.  The interactive two-day training was divided into two categories: Team Accelerator which was centred around understanding team dynamics through Emergenetics and Agile Accelerator geared towards developing productive Agile environments.


Designed on the premise that teamwork is the ultimate driver of productivity and key to a successful Agile environment, the workshop was prefaced by the application of scientifically-proven thinking and behavioural technology, Emergenetics. Insights from personalized Emergenetics profiles created for each team member were used to guide activities for understanding and leveraging the collective strengths and weaknesses of the team. Building on this, the successive team optimization sessions explored practical methods for fostering powerful communication, increased team collaboration and maximizing overall team productivity.


PeopleCoach, Ray Freeman, emphasized that the unique successes of the training hinged on the added value of pairing Emergenetics and Agile.“Agile is such a disruptive change that when companies start implementing it, they often forget the people. This is why I paired Emergenetics with Agile,” said Freeman.


The dynamic Agile training session also involved hands-on simulations and group activities which equipped the team with the tools and techniques they need to correctly apply agile principles and practices, including sprint planning and monitoring and conducting retrospectives for inspecting and improving work processes.


Stacy Kirk, CEO of QualityWorks Consulting Group, lauded the workshop for its fresh perspective and practicality.

“I’ve been to dozens of training, but this has been the best, providing me and my team with practical solutions for stepping up team collaboration, communication and performance. This is something all businesses and even families could benefit from tremendously.”


Following this success, a similar workshop, Connecting the Human Element of Agile, is set to be held in Culver City, California on May 16, 2018, from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. The joint initiative, which falls under the QualityWorks brand of agile transformation services,  Transform2, is open to company leaders or departments with new team members as well as existing teams that are seeking to enhance collaboration and drive results. Early bird tickets are currently available for $999 while Regular tickets are going at a cost of $1299 per person.


To book your space, click here or learn more about the event by contacting