Founded in 2010, QualityWorks is a black-owned, woman-led software solutions firm that focuses on enabling businesses to deliver quality digital experiences to their customers through software testing web and mobile app development, and digital transformation services. We partner with our clients to enhance their internal teams and expand their technical capacities. The company has grown to become one of the top software testing companies, as recognized by, serving clients in the US, UK, Latin America, and the Caribbean. 


QualityWorks was built on finding talented people and visionaries and providing them with the opportunities and skills to make a difference in society. Here are two of the initiatives we’ve launched this year to support this mission:

  1. We launched a free Software Testing Bootcamp geared specifically toward upskilling individuals from underserved communities such as persons of color as well as professionals who had lost their jobs due to COVID-19. The aim of the Bootcamp is to train these persons from non-technical backgrounds to obtain high-paying, high-demand technical jobs in software testing. We know that there are over 600 unfilled testi jobs in the LA area alone with an average starting salary of $67,000. The Bootcamp is focused on training and placing talented resources in companies looking for software testers; helping close the gaps of disparity and increase representation and diversity in the technology industry while providing displaced professionals with new career opportunities. The initiative attracted more than 150 talented applicants. 


  1. We’ve dubbed ourselves as social impact developers who leverage our technical talent to support changemakers and non-profits. One of the initiatives our development team supported was SharedHarvest’s myCovidMd – a free telehealth and online portal that connects residents to medical professionals and resources such as testing centers for COVID-19, and virtual COVID care. We worked with the myCovidMD team to create a platform that allowed them to manage students who wanted to volunteer to support largescale COVID-19 testing initiatives in exchange for a reduction in their student loan. Our developers created an admin portal that allowed the team to collect and organize volunteer data, track volunteer activity, and display real-time student loan or savings account balance after each voluntary activity.  This initiative helped the myCOVIDmd team to be able to provide more streamlined support to both persons affected by COVID19 and students who are struggling with significant student loan debt. 


With the upheaval of the COVID19 pandemic, our company has had to pivot in order to provide the support our team needs. As our company moved to be fully remote, we focused on providing financial and emotional support to help the team face a new reality. Our company implemented a COVID-19 relief fund that provides financial resources to team members whose families were hit especially hard. We focused on the emotional well-being of our team, extending our employee assistance programs to include counseling sessions specifically focused on coping with the pandemic as well as regular team check-ins, lunch sessions and virtual chats to help the team stay connected. 


This year, we took our commitment to being a quality-driven innovation company even further. We launched our Innovations program which specifically focused on supporting and rewarding employees for coming up with innovative solutions to internal problems as well as client or project problems. We also created an innovation committee whose sole job is to support the team in coming up with inspired ideas, pitching and validating that their ideas will add value and solve real problems, and supporting the execution of these ideas. This has seen our team producing solutions around training, process improvement as well as building out new products that contribute to our time and cost efficiency both internally and for our clients. 


We were selected as one of the top 4 awardees out of 444 entrants of the Count Me In Revival Grant for Women-Owned Businesses. In response to a challenging business climate brought on by COVID-19 and protests in support of Black Lives Matter, the Count Me In Revival Grant was created to support women-owned businesses in transforming their products, services, and companies to meet the new challenges and to provide support to the community during these unstable times.


QualityWorks was selected as a top awardee for our initiatives such as the Testing Bootcamp, focused specifically on responding to the challenges of the pandemic as well as racial discrimination in the tech industry. This emphasized our commitment to empowering and connect local talent to opportunities in the growing field of technology in order to support Americans, especially those from minority communities, amidst the economic downturn due to COVID-19.