QualityWorks Consulting Group is set to become the first “International Software Testing Qualifications Board” (ISTQB) accredited training provider in the English-speaking Caribbean as of August 2019.   As a pioneer in quality-driven development and test innovation throughout the Caribbean and the United States and top software testing (Clutch Awards, 2018), QualityWorks’ decision to partner with the CTB – Caribbean Testing Board (regional ISTQB board for the English-speaking Caribbean) was a natural progression. Since expanding from Los Angeles to Kingston, Jamaica, QualityWorks has remained committed to empowering clients and the tech community in the region.   The company’s emphasis on quality and innovation in software development has been marked by the use of leading DevSecOps technologies in penetration testing, serverless architecture, and agile methodologies to drive digital transformation. This alignment with ISTQB will serve to further this mission by strengthening the representation and competitiveness of Caribbean testers on a global scale while providing clients with the guarantee that their projects receive the quality testing practices the market demands.  

Caribbean Testing Board President, Chantelle Jones shared, “We at CTB are looking forward to serving the Caribbean community together with QualityWorks to ensure that our local testers have the knowledge and expertise to compete in the global market.”

  ISTQB is globally recognized as the de facto standard in software testing certification, with over 600,000 certified professionals across 120 countries and regional representation in more than 80 countries. Becoming the first ISTQB accredited local training provider in the CTB region has implications that transcend the company’s mission. QualityWorks will be able to tackle the ‘access barrier’ to opportunities for skill development and career growth in software testing and development. ISTQB certified testers not only receive international recognition but over 80% of those certified have experienced a marked improvement in their testing skills and competencies that affect career growth (2017 ISTQB Quality Survey).   Over the next few weeks, the company will undergo the first training course to be held in Jamaica with the support of the Caribbean Testing Board (CTB). Brightest, a global exam provider for ISTQB, will run the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) exam for the QualityWorks team.  

Brightest CEO, Kyle Siemens shared, “I’ve witnessed the passion and drive of Stacy Kirk and her team and it has always been clear to me that QualityWorks Consulting Group has what it takes to drive development throughout the Caribbean. Brightest is proud to partner with QualityWorks for ISTQB as well as other certifications in the future to support the local Caribbean markets.”

  After completing certification as an accredited ISTQB Training provider, QualityWorks will be able to prepare individuals and groups from local organizations for the official ISTQB exams. Through this ongoing partnership with Brightest, the company will begin to deliver ISTQB certification courses in August.  

QualityWorks CEO, Stacy Kirk shared, “We always continue to raise the bar with leading tech and certification. This is why we have the top technologists on the island. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with this new course offering through the Caribbean. ”

  QualityWorks is already scheduling training in the Caribbean, for more information on how to register, contact training@qualityworkscg.com or call 888-331-9588

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  About QualityWorks: QualityWorks is an agile software consulting firm committed to the continuous delivery of high-quality software.  We provide end-to-end software solutions that save our clients’ thousands in resource costs, decrease their time to market and drive team and process optimization. Our services include custom software development and all aspects of software testing from functional to performance and penetration testing.  Our unique value is that we are not just technical experts, we are also coaches who empower teams through process improvement training as well as Cybersecurity, QA, and DevOps coaching based on agile best practices.   About the CTB – Caribbean Testing Board and their role in the ISTQB: The Caribbean Testing Board (CTB) is the regional authority of the ISTQB for the English-speaking Caribbean, with their initial focus on Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) is a not-for-profit association legally registered in Belgium, comprised of 58 Local Member Boards who are responsible for the given countries or regions they govern. To learn more about the Caribbean Testing Board, visit: http://caribbeantestingboard.org/ About Brightest: Brightest is a global examination body supporting global certification standards in several languages. In addition to the ISTQB, we also offer exams globally for a wide range of hands-on courses like Selenium United, Blockchain United, Artificial Intelligence United, DevOps United, Agile United, Cloud United, Performance Testing United, and the Design Sprint Alliance. In collaboration with the Caribbean Testing Board, we aim to provide a path for measuring and confirming industry-based knowledge in areas of expertise throughout the IT industry of the English-Speaking Caribbean.   To learn more about the Caribbean Testing Board, visit: https://brightest.org.en/