Software Quality Assurance testing just got smarter, thanks to a new AI-powered test case management tool developed by a team of test engineers in Kingston, Jamaica. Following the successful completion of its beta program, QualityWatcher is now available as a subscription-based service to Quality Assurance testers who want to build quality software products with greater efficiency, accuracy and ease. The official launch event will take place virtually on March 3, 2022, at 1 p.m. PST.

QualityWatcher helps organizations integrate QA into their workflow from concept through release with a simple, intuitive interface that delivers customizable test suite templates and AI-powered test case generation. An integrated reporting dashboard and QualityMeter enables organizations to measure the quality of their product in real-time during the testing process. With QualityWatcher, teams have access to on-demand executive reports that provide greater visibility into product quality.

“I’m in awe of how my team is solving pain points felt by testers and startup organizations who need better solutions,” said QualityWorks CEO, Stacy Kirk. “We pulled in global experts to establish testing best practices in the most critical areas of software quality. The release of QualityWatcher will revolutionize how under-resourced or non-existing testing organizations compete with the big dogs on quality.”

The launch event will bring together Quality Assurance professionals and industry thought leaders to discuss QA testing best practices and agile methods.

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