Diverse Tester Brendan


Brendan grew up with a love for computers and technology. He was introduced to robotics, programming, and design during his early years in high school in Kansas City. Brendan later moved to San Diego to study Mechanical Engineering at San Diego State University, where he quickly realized it was not his passion. He has worked in the security and service industries, but is now ready to explore his true passion and take on the world of tech. Learn more about Brendan:


Tell me a little about your professional background.

Brendan: I am originally from Kansas City, but moved to San Diego about eight years ago to attend San Diego State University. I essentially started putting myself through college, because with my family background, they couldn’t afford to do it. Attempting to establish residency, I started working as a Security Guard because I had some friends who helped me get into that industry. I later went into the service industry at a restaurant. Although I came to San Diego to become a Mechanical Engineer, during my freshman year, I was in the classes and just knew it was not what I wanted to do.


Why do you want to get into tech?

Brendan: Well, I’ve been drenched in tech since I was a kid. My high school was literally built to cater to what you want to do in the future. So when we go into it, they ask us what kind of industry we think that we want to go into our freshman year. If you can’t decide your freshman year, then you decide in your sophomore year. I said tech so they would give me introductory courses as electives for the industry. I would learn about digital electronics, how to work with circuit boards, and so on. They even had us in robotics. I liked it. I was nerdy. 


How did you get here? What inspired you to join the Bootcamp?

Brendan: I saw the Bootcamp through a Facebook marketing ad. I was so compelled to click it. I thought “I am going to click it. I’m going to check this out because this is for tech – I have to check it out.” At first, I did some research on QualityWorks, because that’s what I do. I liked what I saw, and I also liked that it’s black-owned and woman-owned. I said okay, I like this. I am going to apply and see what happens. 


How has your experience been in Bootcamp so far? 

Brendan: I’ve been learning more about unit testing and getting some practice on that. Overall, it has really been challenging my mind to think in a different way. The simplest things can trip you up because you’re not thinking of it like that. You have to break it all the way down and pay really close attention to details. So that part has been challenging, but I like the course so far. I like the direction it’s making my mind shift toward, and I feel like this is going to improve me in the long run.


How do you think your background will be helpful in preparing you for this new world of tech and testing?

Brendan: I’ve worked in the service industry, and I’ve worked in the security guard industry as well. So as far as teamwork goes, I’ve always been really team-oriented because that’s literally all of my jobs. That’s all we do. We communicate, we work together, we cover each other’s backs, and then we watch out for each other’s flaws and help each other out when we need help. So my natural team spirit and attention to detail will definitely help me in the world of tech and testing.


What are you passionate about?

Brendan: I am very passionate about football. I’m a Chiefs fan. As it relates to tech, I’m passionate about growth and evolution. My philosophy is: if you’re not growing, if you’re not moving, then you’re stagnant. It’s almost like you’re living in bed. You have to continuously be moving and learning because you can’t know everything. And if you feel like you know everything, then you’re not a true student and you won’t be a true master. 


What are you hoping to get out of the Bootcamp?

Brendan: What I am looking for is really just to gain knowledge and skills that will help me to improve myself as a good career candidate. I know that I do not have the same degree as other people, so my main goal is to acquire the skills employers are looking for. I am hoping to get into the industry and find my niche, whether that’s in data analytics or software development. I think once I get in, I can branch off into so many directions. You never know where you’re going to find the place that will make you think “this is where I want to be.” 

About the #HireDiverseTesters Program

The #hirediversetesters program was created by QualityWorks to address the tech “pipeline problem” – the belief that there aren’t enough qualified BIPOC professionals to occupy roles in tech, specifically in testing. We’ve found the diverse talent and now we’re looking for companies who are committed to increasing diversity on their tech teams to join us.

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