– Case Study –

The Customer

Shared Harvest is a social enterprise B Corporation with a mission to spread compassion through wellness, service, and relief. Part of their work focused on creating more equitable opportunities to access higher education by leveraging empathy-driven technology to connect borrowers with opportunities to be servant leaders right in their neighborhoods while reducing their student loan burden.

The organization needed to deploy a responsive website to connect and engage with the target audience. They wanted to engage with their audience using branded storytelling and build a job portal with custom features and functionalities that enable a seamless user experience for businesses, volunteers, and project seekers.

QualityWorks engaged the organization staff closely from the early stages of product development which included market research, user personas, and user stories development to help define the user experience. The project was implemented in three phases: ideation, development, and maintenance. 

At the end of the work, we created a prototype with clean information architecture and a focus on intuitive user flow to best serve Shared Harvest’s target audiences. The platform’s functionality is fully supported on mobile devices.

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