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The Customer

BB&T is an American bank holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina with a Leadership Institute focused on positively impacting businesses and communities by teaching leadership principles rooted in self-awareness. One area of focus of the Institute is to reaching emerging student leaders. Through education partners, they reach students to promote financial literacy and leadership in the BB&T footprint throughout the United States. The team leverages technologies including a mobile gaming app to carry out its mandate.

In 2019, our team undertook the challenge of recreating and enhancing a leadership-focused mobile game for one of America’s largest financial institutions, BB&T/SunTrust, over a short span of three months. Their mobile game “Legacy” had not been updated since 2013 and was no longer compatible with the current design standard and code logic that existed in 2019; rendering it unusable. The app was no longer compliant with various platforms causing limited availability, stability issues, and overall effectiveness.  We were challenged to create a gaming experience that would be engaging for middle school students and can be used as a supplemental leadership resource through early college.

Our team did a complete overhaul of the game to create a more modern look and feel as well as to improve functionality, game mechanics and overall gameplay to be aligned with the current gaming industry standards.  Additionally, we created a game that reflected race and gender inclusivity and could appeal to a more diverse audience.

We provided an end-to-end product development solution that saw us occupying roles including project manager, game designer, concept artists, UI/UX designer, Unity 3D developers, quality engineers. Using our quality-driven development methodology, we were able to deliver a significantly upgraded game that was tested and validated with the app’s target market through our focus group and beta testing initiatives.   We were able to provide the client with a more modern, engaging, and inclusive game that would appeal to their young diverse demographic and could hold its own against some of the most popular games in the industry.

In 3 months our team delivered a fully redesigned and redeveloped version of the application with the following key features:

  • Modernized Diverse Characters
  • Avatar Customization
  • Enhanced Game UI
  • Interactive Mini-Games & Challenges
  • In-App Rewards and Achievements
  • Available on iOS, Android, Windows, and OSX.

Technologies: Unity3D Suite, AWS, Selenium, Airtest IDE, Fast Lane, Test Flight, Crash Analytics

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