– Case Study –

The Customer

QualityWorks provided consulting services for a medium-sized financial services organization. The group is located in Jamaica, the United States, and the United Kingdom with over $1B in assets under management. Their business spans various product categories, including mortgages, retail banking, auto loans, wealth management, and pensions.

It took 18 to 24 months on average to release a single solution to production, with little to no customer involvement during the process. Software defects were identified too late during development, resulting in poor-quality solutions. There was no established QA team with knowledge of test automation or best practices to manage a QA process.

The QualityWorks team introduced Agile development best practices from product ideation to release. We eliminated costly app development mistakes through team coaching, expanding customer involvement by 30 times for preemptive product validation, and integrating continuous customer and executive feedback loops. We reconstructed their framework for prioritization and scoping, implemented bi-weekly requirements reviews, and sprint-based testing. Test coverage was doubled by implementing best practices for testing and test automation.



The client was then able to release 2 separate applications in the span of 7 months. The applications increased customer satisfaction and decreased development costs by incorporating significantly more feedback prior launching.

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