The Challenge

Launched in 2008, Swagbucks is one of the most popular rewards and loyalty-program operators in the US. Swagbucks is available as a mobile app and on desktop, as a browser extension, providing multiple avenues for members to earn digital points known as SB points. After the initial release, the Swagbucks application was pulled from Production due to a number of bugs being identified by the internal advertising team. The development of the application was originally outsourced and had no requirements, specification, or test documentation which contributed to lengthy release cycles.

Our Solution

Based on our assessment,  the client required a full regression and stabilization of their internal offer management site as well as an automated suite of tests to speed up their release cycles.  Our team established an end-to-end test automation suite leveraging Selenium, Java, Maven, TestNG, Team City CI. Using our internal tool, QualityWatcher, we designed a decision-based historical executive dashboard that captures automated test results. Additionally, we were able to develop full site requirements and regression test cases by interviewing internal users. Leveraging JIRA, the team identified, reported, and tracked defects to resolution. Our coaches created an Automation Training Guide and trained internal QA on how to run automated tests.

Our Results

Our consultants encompassed various roles outside of traditional manual testing. QualityWorks documented the environment diagrams, technical specifications, and requirements so comprehensive test cases could be written. This automated process replaced a minimum of 32 hours of manual testing per cycle.


By replacing manual tests with automation as well as providing documentation and training, the team was able to increase the speed of the releases by 8x.


There was a significant reduction in resources which was a direct result of the implementation of automated test suites to speed up their release cycles. This saw the client saving thousands of dollars in resource costs per test cycle.


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